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For anyone who is interested in photography and professional growth in this field!

How to take your photography to a brand new level


You will find out:

What photographic gear to use and why

Professional workflow

Key principles that work both in the studio and outdoors

Common posing mistakes that everybody makes

How to boost creativity and find inspiration

How to create it and why is it both simple and difficult


Albert Pocej

Albert Pocej

Internationally renown photographer with 25 years of professional experience in portrait, wedding, fashion photography.
15 years experience as photography tutor.

Gediminas Trečiokas

Gediminas Trečiokas

Graduate of the Academy of Arts.
28 years of professional experience in portrait, wedding, and other genres of photography.
10 years of experience as a photography tutor.

topics we will cover in the webinar:

The Gear

Still, trying to figure out how to pull out the best of your gear? What to choose and why? Get useful tips from experienced professionals.


Most common editing mistakes and what you must know to make your photos look professional.


Why many perceptions about light are wrong.
The definition of good and bad light will surprise you!
How to make friends with natural light.


Why 1000 + 1 poses lead to disaster...


A secret that will make you rethink what the basics of photography really are.

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